Klass 0.5 mõõtetäpsus: 0,5% täpsusega primaarpinge mõõtmine vahemikus 80-120% nimiväärtusest (20 / √3 kV).
They are installed on separable connectors mounted in LV/MV cells, or
terminations on underground overhead line equipment, ideal for installation on
MV/LV transformers with adapter (K) AA4.
Compatible with nested ("gigogne" assemblies) or prefabricated jumpers / leads.


The CTC-4-24-0,5-50Hz / 3kHz sensor is intended to equip the distribution
network 12/20 (24) kV with additional functionalities such as:

Protection function class 3P: Measurement of the voltage with an accuracy of
3% over a primary voltage range from 5% to 190% of the nominal value.
Voltage measurement with an accuracy of 6% for primary voltage up to 2% of
nominal value.
Qualimetric function: Precision measurement at 5% with 20% harmonic at
primary frequency over a frequency range from 30Hz to 3000Hz (60th harmonic
of 50Hz).

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