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Connex connectors The MV-CONNEX range is ideal for use in ring main units, circuit-breaker switch-gear, high-voltage motors, transformers, capacitors, transducers and sealing boxes. The connectors on the equipment-side are designed to meet EN 50180, 50181, and DIN 476 37. The plug is suitable for all kinds of insulated plastic cables. As well as a wide range of standard types there are also customer-specific versions for every cable type. The MV-CONNEX system features numerous variations: in addition to the standard plug and socket combination, there are many other versions for testing purposes and special applications.


Connex separable connector

MV Connex size0

MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors, Size 0,
Um = 24 kV, IN = 250 A

Connex separable connector

MV Connex size1

MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors, Size 1,
Um = 36 kV, IN = 630 A

Connex separable connector

MV Connex size2

MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors, Size 2,
Um = 42 kV, IN = 800 A

Connex separable connector

MV Connex size3

MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors, Size 3,
Um = 42 kV, IN = 1250 A

Connex separable connector

MV Connex size3-S

MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors, Size 3-S,
Um = 52 kV, IN = 1250 A

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