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Power cable accessories

Power cable accessories Nexans Power Accessories have complete range of power cable accessories for any network in the world. All products made according to highest quality norms, all of them are tested and certified.


Connex connectors (5)

Connex connectors up to 52kV
Connex connectors

Straight connectors (3)

Separable straight connectors
Straight connectors

Accessories (19)

Additional accessories for MV powercables

Cable lugs and links (26)

Cable lugs and links up to 1600mm²
Cable lugs and links

Bushings (2)


Surge arresters (4)

Separable surge arresters up to 51kV
Surge arresters

TEE Connectors (7)

Separable T shaped connectors up to 2500A 52kV
TEE Connectors

Coupling connectors (4)

Coupling connectors for dual or triple cable arrangements.
Coupling connectors

Elbow connectors (3)

Separable elbow connectors up to 630A 36kV
Elbow connectors

Joints up to 52kV (10)

Joints up to 52kV
Joints up to 52kV

Terminations (17)

Terminations up to 52kV

High quality products

for low- and medium voltage

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